The use of drones enables our customers to successfully carry out even demanding projects under the most difficult circumstances.


Real-time video and data
The drone systems can be controlled from just one command centre, no matter where in the world you want to operate. The unlimited range, integration with common alarm systems, intuitive operating concept and excellent flight time are features that make it highly efficient.

Crime, accident, fire, emergency, disaster

When fast help is needed
Within 20 seconds of receiving the request, the nearest available Globe UAV drone in the network is on its way to the target – either autonomously or manually controlled.

Discover, Coordinate, Clarify, Monitor, Analyse, Deliver

Video feedback in full HD, thermal or infrared for night operations, air quality control or detection of various gases, transport of AEDs, tools, life jackets or emergency medicine..

Tailor-made configuration according to customer requirements

The purpose defines the setup. The high-end camera gimbals with 30x optical zoom and tracking function identify people and vehicles at 250m.

During night operations, thermal imaging and night vision cameras support the operator. This ensures safe operation without restrictions – whether by day or night.

Additional measuring sensors provide data on air quality and specific gases, for example, which are available to the operator in real time.

Areas of application

Protests, riots, air surveillance
Full HD video transmission and 4K recording enables law enforcement to maintain situational awareness at an affordable cost.

Search and Rescue

Latest sensor technology enables detailed measurement and location.

Border protection and area control
With advanced motion detection and autonomous flight, hundreds of kilometres of border or wide area can be monitored day or night

(thermal imaging camera / 1 R camera).


Private Jets & Helicopters
Cargo Charter flights
Passenger Charter flights
Scheduled services

Protective vehicles

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