For decades, the PAS team has provided reliable and effective assistance in humanitarian crisis such as the earthquake in Nepal, the Middle East crisis or famines in Africa.

Our experts, who are personally on the ground in numerous crisis areas, are thus able to assess the local situation with the respective options for action reliable and promptly in order to be able to create effective concepts for flight planning and infrastructure. The crisis experts at PAS also organise onward and outward transport by land and sea with confidence.

PAS is part of the Skylink Group, which has been known for its exceptional missions for numerous renowned international aid organisations and governments for more than 30 years.


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Protective vehicles

Conflict areas

Every crisis in this world has its own face – each requires individual consideration and response. There are many contingency plans, but in the end it is flexibility, commitment and passion that count in mastering crisis:

The PAS emergency team has made its business to develop the logistical business to develop the logistical aspects in a quick, creative and efficient way in crisis situations. We immediately provide capacities of cargo and passenger aircraft of the required size to transport goods and people to the affected regions as quickly as possible – so we are already in the best possible position when we receive your request. From private jets and helicopters to wide-body aircraft, scheduled airports and cargo availability – we immediately check the available capacities and infrastructure conditions on site.


The optimal safety of your employees in emergency situations is our motivation. When everything is going haywire, the specialists at PAS maintain an overview and the necessary calm. We carefully check the situation in the crisis region, take care of optimal departure airports and the transfer there. Entry and exit permits, diplomatic clearances and possible transport routes are part of the overall package, as well as support with luggage, food or the transport of pets.

Above all, we take care of your personal emergency and try to find the best solution for you – be it by air, sea or land.

Remote locations

Travelling by private jet is becoming more and more popular all over the world – because time is the limiting factor these days. Not only is the time spent before and after the flight reduced to a minimum – the choice of over 2,000 regional airports in Europe that can be reached by private jet also reduces the travel time to the absolute minimum. If it has to be even closer – we fall back on excellent contacts to helicopter operators or drones – you decide on the required proximity.


After a disaster, often only a few hours can decide the fate, future and well-being of those affected. PAS is the reliable partner at your side. Within the shortest possible time, we take care of the execution of flights for disaster relief workers and relief supplies as well as the implementation of evacuation flights. For complex and sensitive missions, military and diplomatic cargo, vehicles and personnel, we offer detailed knowledge and expert planning. 24/7, your PAS team of experienced brokers is at your side.