Empty flight

Empty flight

Use private jet empty flights and book them at a discount

With a private jet, we pick up guests exactly where you want them and ensure a smooth travel experience. In order for a private jet to get to its destination, it often travels as a so-called Empty Legs Flight. The planes first take off as an empty flight, this flight is already included in the calculation. These private jet empty legs flights bring interesting price advantages, which we at PASflights are happy to offer you.

If you are flexible regarding travel dates and departure times of a private jet, we will find attractive options of an empty flight for you. The specialists at PASflights keep an eye on positioning flights around the clock, so they are able to offer you a decisive price advantage when chartering a private jet.

Empty Leg Flights offer interesting benefits for you

When chartering private flights, it is more common to rent an aircraft exclusively for a specific route, a so-called one-way flight. However, the consequence of this is that the passengers do not need a return flight. Nevertheless, the aircraft and pilots have to get back to the airport in their home country. This return flight is called an empty flight, also known as an empty leg in pilot lingo. This results in the possibility of booking private jets with empty flights in a price-efficient manner.

Even when a private jet’s empty leg flights do not exactly match your travel preferences, at PASflights we provide diverted positioning flights. This gives you customized booking options with a significant cost advantage. We negotiate the additional stop of an Empty Leg Flight for you with the airline and stay below the regular prices of an Adhoc Charter despite longer flight time as well as fees, taxes and kerosene.

Adhoc Charter - Alternative to Private Jets with Empty Flights

If there are currently no private jets with empty flights available that match your desired date or itinerary, we will ensure that you receive the best possible charter rates for one-time or recurring flights. The so-called on-demand flights are provided upon request, subject to availability and without long-term commitment.

You enjoy the advantage of booking an adhoc charter with no minimum duration and minimum flight time and receive a fixed all-inclusive price. On request, we directly insure the risk of any additional de-icing costs – for more information about our service offer and our private jets with empty flights, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Inquiry & Contact

Inquiry & Contact

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We at PASflights find the best private jets with empty seats for your travels

Private jets with empty flights offer you a cost-effective option to travel in a private jet to your destination. With the experts at PASflights, you have a reliable partner at your side who not only books suitable private jets with empty flights, but also has them customized for you if necessary. And even if the contingent does not currently have any Empty Legs available for you, we will find the optimal solution that will allow you to travel in comfort.

Contact us now without obligation. You can reach us by phone or conveniently submit your inquiry via the inquiry form. We will reliably take you to your destination with our private jets, with or without empty flights. And always to your advantage.

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