Airline GSA

Airline GSA

Airline GSA

PASflights is Air Cairo‘s GSA (General Sales Agent) as well as its sales representative for the German, Austrian and Switzerland markets. As the airlines‘ official representative in Germany, PAS Flights negociates and manages all the interline relations, pro-rata special agreements as well as all traffic rights in connection with the Federal Aviation Authorities.

PAS Flights coordinates the Sales and Marketing activities as well as the Public Relations in the trade press and digital media to increase awareness and create a positive perception of Air Cairo in the targeted markets. As a GSA, PASflights supports the airline’s revenue management and handles fare distribution, contract negotiations with tour operators and OTAs (Online Travel Agencies), roadshows, fam-trip organization and much more.

Airlines often choose a GSA as their agent in certain regions and locations when entering a new or rapidly developing market, in order to be able to offer their full range of services and products. The airline thus has the great advantage of not having to invest in its own office and team.

GSAs play, therefore, a very important role in the airline industry. It is within their responsibility to provide or rent an international standard office and pay for its maintenance, employ efficient and qualified staff and pay their salaries, and pay local and other taxes. In short, the entire operation of the airline is managed by the GSA.


Level 30 South Beach Tower, 38 Beach Road, Singapore 189767


Managing Director, Asia Pacific (APAC)
Contact Person
Based on its knowledge of the market, it is the GSA’s responsibility to develop market strategies to promote sales and achieve the targets set by the airlines. The GSA promotes sales through marketing and commercial activities that are developed either by itself or under the guidance of the airline. The GSA is responsible to provide both sides with the right services: the airline’s customers on one hand and the airlines themselves on the other. Do you have any questions about us as a GSA or would you like some advice? Then please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your enquiry!

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