VIP Aircraft Charter

VIP Aircraft Charter

VIP Aircraft Charter - with special comfort above the clouds

Are you looking for something special and want to enjoy unsurpassed comfort above the clouds in every respect? Or do you want to make efficient use of your time en route so that you can concentrate fully on your work? A VIP Aircraft charter adds luxury, representation, numerous amenities to your air travel, whether for business or pleasure, and provides the perfect ambiance for business appointments, conferences and meetings.

A VIP Aircraft is the ideal choice when it comes to long haul flights with ranges from 7,000 to 12,500 km. When renting a business jet, you can expect spacious cabins with plenty of room for privacy, an upscale interior with comfortable bedrooms, exclusive living areas, elegant bars with lounge and spacious bathrooms with showers. In addition, we ensure comprehensive service tailored to your needs and accompany your VIP trip with culinary catering.

Airbus ACJ320neo Family

The ACJ (Airbus Corporate Jet) family consists of the ACJ319neo, ACJ320neo and ACJ321neo aircraft. The all-business cabin has up to 76 lie-flat seats, while the private jet configuration can accommodate up to 20 people in separate living, working and sleeping areas, where the comfort offered is unparalleled. Feeling pampered on board these aircraft is a guarantee. Compared to the previous version, this model range has reduced consumption and increased range to over 14,000 km.

Seats: max. 76


max. 10.000 km


max. 855 km/h

Boeing BBJ777VIP

The Boeing Business Jet 777, or more simply BBJ777VIP, is one of the largest, most luxurious and comfortable aircraft built in history: a true flying yacht. It is also known for the enormous capacity of its cargo hold, which is capable of carrying huge amounts of luggage, both in terms of weight and volume. Thanks to its range of over 20,000 km, it can reach any destination non-stop. The first-class configuration hosts up to 100 passengers.

Seats: max. 100


max. 11.000 km


max. 1.000 km/h

Inquiry & Contact

Inquiry & Contact

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VIP Aircraft Charter from PASflights - just the right thing for you

State-of-the-art technology, the industry’s fastest Internet connection and dedicated conference areas make VIP Aircraft Charter perfect for meetings and conferences at lofty heights, where you can expect a guaranteed smooth process. If you want to rent a business aircraft that meets your high demands for efficient work performance, VIP Air Transport is just what you need. And after your work is done, relax with a good glass of wine or take advantage of the extensive entertainment on offer.

Travel with group sizes of any kind with VIP Aircraft Charter. The flexible cabin configuration means that the number of seats can always be adjusted. With us, even up to 100 passengers fly comfortably to their destination. The large baggage compartment ensures that everyone has the opportunity to take their personal travel necessities with them. Renting a business aircraft with us at PASflights means not only arriving reliably, but also making the flight itself an experience.

VIP Aircraft
: Boeing 737 VIP Business / Boeing 767 VIP Business / Airbus A319 Corporate Jet / Airbus A340 Corporate Jet

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