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Whether you are travelling on business, want to organise a group trip or you are travelling privately, the aviation experts at PASflights, with at least 15 years of experience, will always find the right flight option that meets your individual needs down to the last detail. Just sit back with PASflights and enjoy a relaxing flight above the clouds. With us, you will always arrive reliably and disembark at your destination with a smile on your lips. A professional team with comprehensive know-how reliably takes care of your flight from start to finish in perfection on the basis of a trustworthy and high-quality network. With our annual ISO audits, we also ensure the highest quality standards.

Air travel with PAS-Professional Aviation Solutions means the high-level performance that makes the difference, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Individual, tailor-made, transparent and safe. Personal, tailored, transparent and secure.

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Charter flights

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Private Jets

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The services of PASflights

Every flight journey presents itself differently – sometimes complex, sometimes just a transport and sometimes with special requirements. At PASflights, as experts in private aviation, we know that only individual planning can meet these needs. After all, it’s about more than just a journey. It’s about enjoying your flight at least as much as your destination.

PASflights offers you a wide choice in a comprehensive portfolio of services, first-class service and organises air travel for different industries.

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Get ready for travel with a flight of fancy. With Pasflights, business travel becomes a comfortable experience. We will bring you safely to your destination and make sure you lack for absolutely nothing.

Private Jets

Private Jets

Whether quickly and discreetly to the next appointment or luxuriously travel with loved ones. We will advise you on which one of our private jets you should hire. Our team will find exactly the aircraft that best suits your needs. We will be happy to provide you with a non-binding offer.

Ein Ultra Long Range Privatjet steht auf einer Landefläche

Ultra Long Range Jet

from 9.000€ | per flight hour

We offer the best flight solutions for any size of group. We make sure your needs are more than met and ensure the smooth running of your group flight at all times. PASflights experts will find the right charter options, extending the search to include scheduled flights, to ensure you get the perfect deal. We organise group flights for the MICE industry, private flights for companies, flights for teams and athletes, transport for governments, delegations and consulates and special solutions for the automotive and film industries, among others.

Charter your private jet with us at PASflights and enjoy our high-quality private jet services, which we tailor to your individual requirements. Tell us your wishes and we will do our utmost to fulfil them – whether you are travelling for business or pleasure.

At PASflights, we reliably work hand in hand with our customers and partners to offer the best charter solution for oversized, dangerous, time-critical or even humanitarian air freight. With access to all types of aircraft and analysis of routes, loadings and schedules, we are able to organise an aircraft to suit the requirements. For ad-hoc, seasonal and project air freight, we also arrange partial charters and other flight solutions. So-called “Go Now” charter flights are used when orders serve to maintain production. This is the case in the automotive industry, for example, or when aircraft parts must be delivered for an aircraft with a technical defect and no other means of transport is possible due to time constraints.

Rely on us at PASflights for short transport times, efficient route planning and tailor-made logistics planning.

Scheduled flight vs. private jet

Scheduled flight vs. private jet



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About us

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Popular flights

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Our service

Flying with pets?

Flying on vacation doesn’t necessarily mean leaving your beloved pet at home for days or weeks. In a private jet your pets will, of course, fly comfortably in the cabin of the aircraft, unlike on commercial flights.

Flight support / flight attendant

Although traveling by plane has become part of everyday life, there are still many people who feel insecure at the airport and get confused by the bustle of a large airport. Unfortunately, it happens again and again that guests do not find the right way, queue at the wrong counter or wander around in the wrong terminal – not with the support of PASflights airport service.

VIP Service

We will gladly organize additional personnel for your very private luxury, be it to carry the suitcases or to take care of the additional service on board : child care, toys, reading material, flowers, birthday cake or even your favorite champagne brand – let our service specialist know your wishes and we will take care of it.

Travel safely

Choosing a private jet charter instead of a commercial flight offers numerous advantages. Do you have any questions or would you like detailed advice? The service experts at PASflights are already waiting for you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact us without obligation and take us with you on your individual trip.

Door-to-door service

Do you also want your trip to the airport to be stress-free, without having to search for a parking space, on time and right to your door? Then simply book the PASflights Door-to-Door Service – we will find the right limousine, the required minibus or even several vehicles.

Branding options

Exclusive travel on specially chartered aircraft is often used to highlight your brand identity and convey a message. Custom branding options can bring your logo, travel motto or new product into focus.


PASflights service

PASflights’ services go far beyond chartering aircraft. We guide you with tailor-made air travel all the way to your destination and even beyond if you wish. Whether jetcard, professional support, comprehensive branding, VIP service, individual catering or 24/7 support, with us at PASflights you are the centre of attention and receive numerous benefits in every area. For example, on request we ensure that our customers have the possibility to fly sustainably. To do this, we calculate the CO2 emissions of your flight and convert these into a compensation contribution. This contribution supports officially certified climate protection projects, because for us, flying sustainably means taking action. Currently we support the project 1111: Climate project + tree planting, International + Germany and the project 1087: Climate project + ocean protection, Worldwide.

Do you still have questions or would you like detailed advice? The service experts at PASflights are already waiting for you and are happy to answer any enquiry. Contact us without obligation. We will take our time for your requests and look forward to welcoming you on board with us as a customer soon.

The Future of Aviation: Equity, Inclusiveness, and Harmony

The PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions team is pleased to announce its commitment to the Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs).

The headquarters of PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions GmbH in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany, and the Milan-based PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions Srl in Italy have officially adopted the 7 principles of the WEPs. This step aims to dismantle stereotypes, address systemic inequalities, and foster a more equitable and inclusive work environment.

The PAS Group believes that embracing equity and non-discrimination values is essential for growth and success. By promoting diverse perspectives and talents, companies can achieve better outcomes.

The Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) were developed by UN Women and the UN Global Compact to guide businesses in promoting gender equality and empowering women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. PAS is committed to integrating these principles into its operations and culture.

Here’s a breakdown of the seven principles:


  1. Establish high-level corporate leadership for gender equality: This principle emphasizes the importance of commitment from top management to promote gender equality and create a corporate culture that values and supports women’s empowerment.
  2. Treat all women and men fairly at work: It calls for ensuring equal opportunities for women and men in all aspects of employment, including recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, and remuneration.
  3. Ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all women and men workers: This principle focuses on creating a safe and healthy work environment free from discrimination, harassment, and violence, and addressing the specific health and safety needs of women workers.
  4. Promote education, training, and professional development for women: It highlights the importance of providing women with access to education, training, and career development opportunities to enhance their skills, knowledge, and capabilities.
  5. Implement enterprise development, supply chain, and marketing practices that empower women: This principle encourages businesses to support women-owned enterprises, promote gender-responsive procurement practices, and develop marketing strategies that challenge gender stereotypes and promote gender equality.
  6. Promote equality through community initiatives and advocacy: It emphasizes the role of businesses in supporting community initiatives that advance gender equality, including advocacy for women’s rights and empowerment.
  7. Measure and publicly report on progress to achieve gender equality: This principle stresses the importance of setting measurable targets and indicators to track progress towards gender equality and publicly reporting on achievements and challenges to promote accountability and transparency.


By adhering to these principles, PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions aims to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment, which not only benefits women but also strengthens businesses and contributes to sustainable development.


WEPs profiles for viewing:


PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions GmbH

PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions Srl


Exclusive Adventure: Travel to Arvidsjaur in Swedish Lapland with Polar Air Shuttle

Bergisch Gladbach, March 28, 2024. The vast Nordic landscapes of Swedish Lapland entice with untouched nature and a multitude of winter sports opportunities. From March 15 to 18, 2024, four renowned travel organizers embarked on a familiarization trip to this enchanting region, organized by Visit Sweden and Polar Air Shuttle, a company of the PAS Aviation Holding.

From November to March 2024, PAS offered exclusive charter flights with Polar Air Shuttle from Munich and Hanover to Arvidsjaur. The flights were operated in collaboration with Eurowings and TUIfly. The routes were also part of a cooperation with the international automotive industry, which utilizes the region for its test drives.

Encounters with the Sami Culture

Encounters with the Sami people and their reindeer delighted the travel organizers. The traditional way of life of the indigenous people and their sustainable connection to nature provided profound insights. Lapland’s culinary culture also traces back to the Sami indigenous population. Local products such as reindeer and moose meat, as well as various types of fish, take center stage. A taste experience for travelers, as moose and reindeer are not consumed every day.

New Insights and Unexpected Discoveries

For many participants, Swedish Lapland was uncharted territory, and the utilization of the region by the automotive industry came as a surprise. The numerous test drivers have contributed to making Arvidsjaur an international airport. Not only in Arvidsjaur but also in Arjeplog in western Swedish Lapland, car enthusiasts and automotive industry professionals from around the world gather to test vehicles, drive on ice, and share a unique experience.

Experiences in the Snowscape

The journey to Swedish Lapland offered participants unique highlights, including spectacular views of the snow-covered landscape with over 9,000 lakes. A snowmobile ride through snowy forests and over frozen lakes provided adventurous moments.

The Best Time to Visit Swedish Lapland

Late winter is the ideal time to explore Lapland, with milder temperatures and longer days. But a visit at New Year’s promises magical moments, especially when you can witness the fascinating Northern Lights, transforming the dark sky into a colorful spectacle.

Outlook and Air Traffic

The future promises further trips to Swedish Lapland. PAS is already working on a new edition. In winter 2024/25, flights from Hanover and Munich to Arvidsjaur will be offered again.

For more information, visit https://www.pasflights.com/en/flights-to-lapland/

About PAS Professional Aviation Solutions (PAS) organizes private and business flights for individuals and groups worldwide. The company has access to a large fleet of private jets, helicopters, and charter aircraft that can be booked around the clock. PAS was founded in 2013 by the Frankfurt-based Skylink Holding Germany. Skylink Holding Germany was established in 1990 by the Canadian Skylink Group of Companies to expand and consolidate its activities in the German market. Birte Kipke has been the Managing Director since March 2014.

For more information, visit www.pasflights.com.

Sports year 2024: Travel to the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games by private jet or group charter

Sports events 2024 deluxe: Travel to the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games with your own charter

European Football Championships in Germany and the Summer Olympics in France: 2024 will be the sports year in Europe. Athletes and teams who are taking part can be quickly transported to the tournament location by charter plane. Fans should also plan their trip to the sporting events in advance now. The PAS fleet includes small and large private jets. Flight destinations and times for 2024 can already be reserved.

Visit the 2024 European Football Championship in Germany by private jet

After a postponed European Championship 2020 and a Winter World Cup in Qatar, the European Championship 2024 will take place again at the usual time. For the first time since reunification, Germany will host the biggest European football tournament. The games will be played in ten German stadiums. Munich will kick things off on 14 June 2024. Four weeks later, on 14 July 2024, the final will take place in Berlin. The current European football champions are Italy.

You can see who wins the European Championship live this time. Ticket sales begin on 3 October 2023 (https://de.uefa.com/euro2024/). The provisional match schedule is available on the website of the German Football Association (DFB) (https://www.dfb.de/fileadmin/_dfbdam/260316-EURO2024_Match_Spielplan.pdf).

We recommend that all teams, relatives and football fans organise their travel to the matches well in advance. We are happy to assist you with private flights for individuals and groups.

These are the venues and stadiums for the European Football Championship:

  • Berlin, Olympic Stadium
  • Hamburg, Volkspark Stadium
  • Leipzig, Red Bull Arena
  • Cologne, RheinEnergieStadion
  • Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf Arena / Merkur Spiel-Arena
  • Dortmund, BVB Stadium / Signal Iduna Park
  • Gelsenkirchen, Arena Auf Schalke / Veltins-Arena
  • Frankfurt, Frankfurt Arena / Deutsche Bank Park
  • Stuttgart, Stuttgart Arena / Mercedes-Benz Arena
  • Munich, Munich Football Arena / Allianz Arena

2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games: Private charter to Paris – your exclusive way to the Games

Under the motto “Games Wide Open”, the Olympic and Paralympic Games are also coming up in the summer of 2024. Paris is the official host. Therefore, most of the competitions will take place in Paris and the surrounding area. Lille and Marseille will also host the tournaments. In addition, the French Olympic Committee is planning to extend the celebrations around the Games to the whole of France.

France will be in Olympic fever for four months. The Games begin on 8 May with the arrival of the Flame in Marseille and last all summer until the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games on 8 September 2024. Tickets for the Olympic Games can already be booked. For the Paralympic Games, tickets can be booked from 8 October 2023. (https://tickets.paris2024.org/en/)

Book your summer trip to the Olympic Games now. Secure your private charter that will take you to Paris safely and comfortably.

Skiing and sunbathing by private jet: 7 top destinations for winter holidays

Winter travel in Europe: 7 top destinations by private jet

Winter is perfect for skiing in the mountains as well as for quiet sunny days by the sea. With a private jet, you fly to the most exclusive destinations in Europe.

From the slopes of the Alps to the sunny coast of Portugal, these winter destinations offer unforgettable experiences for skiers, sun worshippers and bon vivants.

Kitzbühel, Austria

In winter, the town of Kitzbühel in the Austrian Tyrol is a true pearl of the Alps. With its beautiful old town, world-class ski resorts and alpine ambience, Kitzbühel is a holiday destination that attracts discerning travellers from all over the world.

Skiing pleasure in a class of its own: Kitzbühel is known worldwide for its Hahnenkamm race, one of the most prestigious downhill races in the Ski World Cup. The Hahnenkamm, which towers over Kitzbühel, is 1712 metres above sea level, while the neighbouring Kitzbüheler Horn rises 1996 metres. If you like skiing, you will find perfect slopes for all skill levels in the Kitzbühel Alps ski area. Together with the ski slopes and lifts in Kirchberg, Jochberg and at Pass Thurn, Kitzbühel has one of the largest connected ski areas in Austria.

Alpine elegance and gastronomy: The town itself is a pretty mosaic of historic buildings, cobbled streets and picturesque squares. Here you will find a fine selection of boutiques, art galleries and jewellers to satisfy upmarket shopping desires. The gastronomic scene is no less impressive: from traditional Austrian dishes in cosy parlours to upscale gourmet restaurants, there is something for every taste.

Après-ski and relaxation: After a sporty day on the slopes, you can look forward to a lively après-ski scene. If you want to take it a little easier, you can relax in the hotels’ high-quality spas.

Private jet destination: Salzburg or Innsbruck airport are the closest to Kitzbühel.

St. Moritz, Switzerland

St. Moritz, a name that embodies luxury, glamour and alpine flair, is one of the most exclusive winter destinations in the world. The renowned Swiss Alpine village in the canton of Graubünden has earned its reputation for first-class relaxation, top-quality skiing and breathtaking nature.

Elegance in the mountains: St. Moritz on the shores of the lake of the same name exudes a timeless elegance. The place has a long tradition as a sophisticated retreat for celebrities, winter sports enthusiasts and travellers looking for something special.

World-class skiing: The mountain offers a wide range of activities for skiers and snowboarders. The slopes and runs of Corviglia, Diavolezza and Corvatsch attract both beginners and professionals. St. Moritz is also the only place to have hosted the Winter Olympics twice (1928 and 1948).

Destination by private jet: The nearby Engadin Airport in Samedan enables a quick transfer to the destination.

Courchevel, France

Courchevel in the Savoie département in the French Alps attracts winter sports enthusiasts and discerning travellers from all over the world, and for good reasons.

Diamond of the Alps: Courchevel is part of “Les Trois Vallées”, which is considered the world’s largest connected ski area. With over 600 kilometres of groomed slopes and more than 150 lifts, you will experience a paradise for skiers and snowboarders in the region.

Charming elegance and luxury: Courchevel’s different altitudes, known as Courchevel 1850, 1650, 1550 and 1300 (Le Praz), each offer their own charm. Courchevel 1850 is famous for its noble chalets and hotels and its international atmosphere. Celebrities and jet-setters from all over the world meet here.

Exquisite gastronomy and après-ski: Courchevel’s gourmet scene is graced by several Michelin-starred restaurants. Gourmets can look forward to traditional Savoyard cuisine through to and international specialities. The après-ski culture here is equally sophisticated – stylish bars and lounges invite you to wind down after an exciting day of skiing.

Private jet destination: Chambéry-Savoie airport offers a close landing facility for private jets.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

Cortina d’Ampezzo is one of the most famous Alpine towns in Italy. Nestled in the imposing backdrop of the Dolomites, this upscale winter destination in Veneto (Belluno province) offers a mix of luxury, nature and culture.

Elegant atmosphere: Cortina d’Ampezzo is famous for its distinguished atmosphere. Here you will find stylish boutiques, high-class hotels and upscale gastronomy, making it a sought-after refuge for high holiday expectations.

Winter sports paradise: The Dolomites are not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but also an Eldorado for winter sports enthusiasts. Cortina d’Ampezzo is popular with skiers and snowboarders, partly because of its perfect slopes and modern lifts. Together with eleven other Italian ski resorts, Cortina d’Ampezzo belongs to the Dolomit Superski association.

Private jet destination: For private jet travel to Cortina d’Ampezzo, Treviso-Sant’Angelo Airport is the most suitable. It is located near Venice and about 150 kilometres from Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve in the south of Portugal attracts visitors during wintertime with many hours of sunshine, quiet beaches and first-class restaurants.

Mild winter climate: The Algarve is characterised by its mild, Mediterranean winter climate. The sun pampers guests almost daily while the summer crowds have died down. This is an ideal time for relaxing beach days, walks along the coast or individual explorations.

Exclusive beach resorts: The Algarve has several excellent beach resorts to offer. Here you reside in stylish hotels and enjoy the Atlantic Ocean right on your doorstep.

Golf: For golf lovers, the Algarve is a popular hotspot. The region is known for its many first-class golf courses where tournaments are held regularly, especially in the golden Western Algarve.

Gourmet delights: The cuisine of the Algarve is characterised by fish and seafood. A delicacy is the cataplana, a rich fish stew. To go with the Mediterranean dishes, you should try the exquisite wines of the Algarve.

Destination by private jet: From Faro airport you can easily reach all places by motorway or road.

Costa del Sol, Spain

The sunny coast “Costa del Sol” in southern Spain is also a popular destination in the wintertime – especially for golfers and culture enthusiasts.

Mild temperatures: The Costa del Sol does not bear its name for nothing. Even in winter, the Mediterranean climate ensures mild temperatures and many hours of sunshine.

Exclusive beach resorts: Whether in Marbella or Puerto Banús, the coastline of the Costa del Sol is lined with first-class resorts with restaurants and wellness facilities.

Golf and leisure: The Costa del Sol is often called the “Costa del Golf” because it offers many first-class golf courses. In addition, you can enjoy water sports, stroll along the promenades, and visit the cultural metropolis of Málaga.

Destination by private jet: Málaga airport is the fastest way to reach all destinations on the Costa del Sol.

Lapland, Finland

For a unique winter experience, Lapland is the place to go. Here you can not only ski, but also watch the Northern Lights and go dog sledding.

Northern Lights and snow dreams: The opportunity to experience the fascinating spectacle of the Northern Lights makes Lapland a very special destination in winter. Here you can stay in stylish resorts from which you can observe the natural phenomenon in peace and quiet.

Arctic adventures: Lapland offers many winter activities for the adventurous. From dog sledding to snowmobile tours and ice fishing, you can explore the wilderness in a special way.

Destination by private jet: Various airports such as Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland, or Kittilä near the ski resort of Levi allow access by private jet.

PAS continues growing internationally: New office opens in Singapore

Bergisch Gladbach, 03. November 2023 Professional Aviation Solutions (PAS) continues its growth course and opens its first office in Singapore. With the decision to gain a foothold in Singapore, PAS wants to strengthen its international presence and take advantage of the opportunities in the growing Asian market.

A few days ago, the new PAS office in Singapore was opened on the occasion of ITB Asia. The Singapore office marks a significant step for PAS and is the first in the Asian region. In addition to its headquarters in Germany, the charter provider already has offices in Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Malta, Turkey and the USA.

Why Singapore now? “There are strategic reasons,” explains Managing Director Birte Kipke. “Singapore is the gateway to the Asian-Pacific market, which is growing steadily,” she says. Logan Ravishankar, a long-time partner of PAS and expert with 26 years of experience in the aviation industry, heads the new Singapore office. “He will help consolidate PAS’s position in the region,” she explains. At the start, the team consists of Logan Ravishankar and one other staff member. The plan is to further expand the Singapore location.

PAS has its sights firmly set on the Asian market and sees increasing demand, especially for business travel and special flights on private jets. “We look forward to a successful future in Singapore and hope to deepen relationships with existing and new customers in the region,” says Kipke.

About PAS

Professional Aviation Solutions (PAS) organises private and business flights for individuals and groups all over the world. The company draws on a large fleet of private jets, helicopters and charter aircraft that can be booked around the clock. PAS was founded in 2013 by Frankfurt-based Skylink Holding Germany. Skylink Holding Germany was established in 1990 by the Canadian Skylink Group of Companies to expand and consolidate its activities in the German market. Since March 2014, Birte Kipke has taken over the management of the company.

More info at www.pasflights.com.

Press contact:

Ulrike Kiesler
+49 (0) 2204 706060
PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions GmbH
Lustheide 85
51427 Bergisch Gladbach

To Lapland in winter: PAS launches direct flights to Arvidsjaur and Kittilä

Bergisch Gladbach, 28. September 2023. The charter provider Professional Aviation Solutions (PAS) will increase its flights to Swedish and Finnish Lapland this winter. From the end of November, specially chartered aircraft from Eurowings and TuiFly will depart regularly for Arvidsjaur and Kittilä. The flight routes from Munich and Hanover were created together with the international automotive industry and are part of PAS’s continuous expansion.

The new “Polar Air Shuttle” from PAS allows you to experience the impressive winter landscape of Lapland in Sweden and Finland. From the end of November 2023 to the end of March 2024, the provider will charter various aircraft from TuiFly and Eurowings to take travellers directly to Arvidsjaur and Kittilä – two ideal starting points for snowy adventures in the Arctic Circle. Flights depart on Mondays and Fridays with TuiFly from Hanover, and with Eurowings from Munich. From the end of January 2024, additional flights will be available on Wednesdays from Munich and Hanover.

“We are very pleased to have secured two established German airlines for the winter,” says Birte Kipke, Managing Director of Professional Aviation Solutions and the newly established Polar Air Shuttle GmbH in Germany. “Lapland is a dream destination for many travellers and we want to offer them a comfortable and stress-free way to fly there.”

Travel agencies and tour operators specialising in Northern Scandinavia can now enquire about free seats via e-mail: (polar-air-shuttle@pasflights.com). The flights are suitable for individual customers, incentive travellers and groups.

Cooperation with the automotive industry makes it possible

PAS not only brings travellers to Lapland in winter, but also employees of the automotive industry. For many years, extensive car tests have taken place in the region, accompanied and conducted by experts. “We are honoured by the car manufacturers’ trust in our flight and service performance,” says Birte Kipke. Together with her team, she provides the required full charters, whose free allotments tour operators and travel agencies can book for their customers.

For more information on flights to Arvidsjaur and Kittilä, visit www.pasflights.com/de/fluege-nach-lappland.

About PAS

Professional Aviation Solutions (PAS) organises private and business flights for individuals and groups all over the world. The company draws on a large fleet of private jets, helicopters and charter aircraft that can be booked around the clock. PAS was founded in 2013 by Frankfurt-based Skylink Holding Germany. Skylink Holding Germany was established in 1990 by the Canadian Skylink Group of Companies to expand and consolidate its activities in the German market. Since March 2014, Birte Kipke has taken over the management of the company.

More info at www.pasflights.com.

Press contact:

Ulrike Kiesler

+49 (0) 2204 706060


PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions GmbH

Lustheide 85

51427 Bergisch Gladbach

Pas Federal Flights

Pas Federal Flights


In complex global operations, immediate responsiveness and experienced field personnel are critical. This makes us the preferred partner of aid organizations and governments worldwide. Our experience in deployment planning, our in-depth expertise and our global network ensure smooth operations even under the greatest time pressure. Even under sensitive circumstances, we offer reliable and fast solutions at all times, even under the most difficult conditions – worldwide.

Our clients

Our clients