Corporate Shuttle

Corporate Shuttle

Corporate Shuttle - cost-effective and convenient

Corporate shuttles are used, for example, when you want to visit a factory or a subsidiary from the company’s headquarters. It is often the case that entire groups of employees need to be given the opportunity to travel by air adequately. Pasflights is your professional partner in finding the best flight connection and supports you in finding the ideal corporate shuttles. We offer your travel management the most professional combination of exclusivity and cost-effectiveness. While the travelling employees on the plane can continue to concentrate on their work with their colleagues, the entire company benefits from the cost-effective price-performance ratio of an exclusive charter flight. Charter flights are often cheaper than scheduled flights in terms of passenger numbers. At the same time, you determine the flight day and time of your shuttle, therefore, you combine perfect value for money with maximum flexibility.

Travel efficiently and safely with corporate shuttles!

Air travel with a large part of the workforce is usually costly and time-consuming. In addition to getting to the airport on time, the airlines’ flight schedules must always be taken into account and then there are the waiting times at the departure gate and at the security check. With Corporate Shuttles you can avoid these time losses, which are often even greater than the flight time itself. Here you choose the flight times entirely according to your schedule and, on top of that, decide on the departure and destination airports. Charter aircraft can usually also take off and land at regional airports that are not served by scheduled airlines. The security check and the boarding process of the aircraft are handled significantly faster here than in scheduled traffic. Time is a resource, which is why you should use it efficiently and sparingly. Your safety is our top priority at PASflights. That’s why, with our corporate shuttles, you can rest assured that the jets we provide have been checked using our sound information system, such as our airline audit.


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International or domestic - our corporate shuttles are the answer!

PASflights is networked with numerous partners both nationally and internationally and can access extensive resources. The first-class service of our corporate shuttles allows your employees to travel in comfort and with as little stress as possible.

Look forward to the additional offers of our Corporate Shuttles!

The team of experts at PASflights is characterised by a high level of competence and many years of experience. We know exactly what is important to make your charter flight with our corporate shuttles comfortable for your employees, business partners and you. Would you like to go beyond? Then take advantage of our attractive additional offers. If you wish, we can organise our tried-and-tested catering on board, or you can enjoy our exclusive VIP service. With our partner ClimatePartner, PASflights offers the possibility of CO2 offsetting on request. Contact us today! In a personal meeting we will find out together how we can implement your needs and requirements for a corporate shuttle. We turn your ideas into concrete travel plans. With PASflights, your employees and you can look forward to a smooth journey! Our expert team at PASflights is your partner when it comes to corporate shuttles and is already looking forward to working with you and your company.

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