NGO and Aid Organizations

NGO and Aid Organizations

NGO and Aid Organisations

When aid is needed anywhere in the world, whether it’s due to earthquakes, floods, disasters, or other humanitarian emergencies, speed is of the essence. PASflights is the competent and reliable partner that organizations, authorities, and NGOs trust. We help and support wherever we can with our Federalflights.



Our team coordinates both ad-hoc charter flights and long-term planned flight projects as part of humanitarian aid for the United Nations, governments, international NGOs, and other aid organizations.

We take pride in our rapid response in crisis situations and coordinate both time-critical charter flights and long-term planned aircraft charters for humanitarian aid projects around the clock. Our crisis experts are available 24/7 for you!

For decades, the PASflights team has been working reliably and effectively with many aid organizations during humanitarian crises such as the earthquake in Nepal, the Middle East crisis, or famines in Africa.

In numerous areas of crisis, experts are personally on site and can thus safely and promptly assess the local situation along with the respective action possibilities. In addition to flight solutions, the crisis experts at PASflights also competently organize the onward and continuing transport via land and sea routes.

PAS is part of the Skylink Group, which has been known for more than 30 years for its exceptional efforts on behalf of numerous well-known international aid organizations and governments. Our unique global network enables aid organizations to respond as quickly as possible to global crises.



In complex global operations, immediate responsiveness and experienced staff on-site are crucial. Initial aid must be provided quickly and without bureaucracy. Therefore, we collaborate worldwide with renowned aid organizations.

Our major goal is to ensure smooth operations even under the highest time pressure by pooling all resources, leveraging extensive experience in deployment planning, and utilizing profound aviation expertise. For this purpose, the PASflights team can rely on a global network to provide reliable and fast aircraft charter solutions even in sensitive situations and under the most challenging conditions.

Every crisis in the world has its own face—each requires individual consideration and response. There are many emergency plans, but in the end, flexibility, commitment, and passion are what count to overcome crises.



From small packages to oversized cargo and for complex and sensitive missions, PASflights offers the perfect transportation solution.



With Federalflights, we provide reliable and fast aircraft charter solutions for NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and aid organizations, even in crisis situations and under sensitive circumstances. We offer quick and straightforward advice on the possibilities of flight charter solutions. Contact our flight experts.

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