Governments, Delegations and Consulates

Governments, Delegations and Consulates

Aircraft charters: governments, delegations and consulates

We are an experienced aircraft charter partner to numerous delegations, consulates and political institutions. The team of PASflights is aware of the numerous peculiarities that such trips entail and takes care of every organizational detail both discreetly and professionally. Put your trust in us and our many years of expertise.

Strict protocol must also be observed when high-ranking delegations travel by air charter. PASflights works out tailor-made flight concepts for delegation guests and their luggage according to the respective specifications, which meet national and international requirements.

We are there for you

For decades, the PASflights team has provided reliable and effective assistance in humanitarian crises such as the earthquake in Nepal, the Middle East crisis or famines in Africa.

Our experts, who are personally on the ground in numerous crisis areas, can thus assess the local situation with the respective options for action, reliably and promptly, in order to create effective concepts for flight planning and infrastructure. The best aircraft charters for your delegation. The crisis experts at PASflights also organize inbound and outbound transport by land and sea with confidence.

PASflights is part of the Skylink Group, which has been known for more than 30 years for its exceptional missions for numerous renowned international aid organizations and governments.

Governments, consulates, high-level business and research delegations rely on the discretion and professionalism of our team of skilled flight experts.

Because every moment counts

In complex global operations, immediate responsiveness and experienced staff on the ground are critical. This makes us the preferred partner for aircraft charters for delegations, aid organizations and governments worldwide. Our experience in mission planning, our in-depth expertise and our global network ensure smooth operations even under the greatest time pressure. Even in sensitive situations and under the most difficult conditions, we offer reliable and fast aircraft charter solutions for delegations at all times – worldwide.

Every crisis in this world has its own face and each requires individual consideration and response. There are many contingency plans, but in the end what counts is flexibility, commitment and passion to overcome crises.


The optimal safety of your employees in emergency situations is our motivation. When everything is going haywire, the specialists at PASflights maintain an overview and the necessary calm. We carefully check the situation in the crisis region and take care of optimal departure airports and transfers there. Entry and exit permits, diplomatic clearances and possible transport routes are part of the overall package, as well as assistance with issues such as luggage, food or the transport of pets. Feel safe with aircraft charters for delegations from PASflights.

Safely to the destination

The right means of transport often makes the difference between critical minutes. We have access to a wide variety of transport modes to provide you with the optimal aircraft charter solution for your delegations.

With Federalflights, we offer reliable and fast aircraft charter solutions, even in crisis situations and sensitive circumstances. We advise you quickly and straightforwardly on the options and set up your aircraft charter solution in a short time. Contact our flight experts.