New member of the “Serandipians by Traveller Made®” network

Looking into luxury travel: We are now a member of the exclusive network Serandipians by Traveller Made®

Since the 1st of June 2022 that we are now a member of Serandipians, the network of the global luxury travel industry. The association is made up of top-class travel agencies and tourism partners.

For our team, the new membership will create more synergies on a global level. “We can only benefit from the exchange with our international colleagues,” says our PAS Managing Director Birte Kipke. “We meet travel designers, hotels and agencies that serve similar guests.” We hope to be able to respond even better to the wishes of customers in the luxury segment, especially considering all the different nationalities. “Trust and encounters at eye level are needed,” says Kipke. Because often it is only a feeling that makes a trip unforgettable.

About the Serandipians network

Serandipians was born out of the rebranding of the world-renowned Traveller Made® brand. The name is derived from the English word “serendipity”. The members of the network want to offer their customers unexpected and extraordinary experiences, a professional service that meets all demands is the top priority. Originally founded with 37 agencies in Europe, the industry initiative became an international project in 2014, which is now represented in 70 countries and has over 480 members.




How does private jet boarding work?   “Almost every airport has a private jet terminal to which the customers drive up. The crew receives the guests there, takes them through the security check and to the aircraft. After landing, the crew also takes the guests back to the terminal. In advance, each customer receives a briefing from us, which states exactly where and when the flight will depart. If you are there 20 to 30 minutes before departure, that’s quite enough.”   What happens to the private jet during the stay?   “On business flights, where you fly there in the morning and back in the evening, the crew waits for you. If you then want to return earlier or later, that’s no problem. If the return trip is still open, you can also book only an outbound flight for the time being. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch an empty flight for the return, which can be very attractive in terms of price.”   What offers are there for frequent flyers?   “One is the Liberty Card, which works like a prepaid card, and you simply fly off budget. The advantage is that the customer does not have to pay any contracts or bills before the flight also simplifies and speeds up the booking process. If you know that you always want to fly in one aircraft category, you can get a Jet Card. For the chosen category, one buys flight hours in advance, which can then be redeemed at any time. If you have one of our cards, you can always fly within 48 hours, even in high season.”

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