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The summer is just around the corner and PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions announces its collaboration as official partner of the FORESTIS Hideaway for the private jet charter service

Milan, 15 April 2022

Based in Milan, PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions provides air charter services, guaranteeing excellent flight solutions to best meet any request, obtaining the best price through a selected network of efficient and reliable airlines operating in the national and international aviation market.

Always focused on consolidating relationships and collaborations with organizations that representing Italian excellence, PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions today decides to support the importance and passion for luxury hospitality, sharing its authenticity, refinement and exclusivity.

It was therefore natural for the company to choose the FORESTIS Hideaway as a perfect example of the shared values of elegance, essentiality, time and excellence, creating a strong synergy with the hotel, which is now recognized worldwide as one of Italy’s finest. Located at 1,800 meters above sea level, overlooking the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and surrounded by the South Tyrolean mountains above Bressanone, amidst peace and harmony of the senses, lies the extraordinary Hideaway FORESTIS, immersed in the scent of green forests, where the silence of nature reigns supreme. With a long tradition behind it, the building is now considered a real private refuge for its guests. The magnificence of its architecture, designed by Armin Sader, blends perfectly with the surrounding environment, inspired by the 4 natural elements: water, air, sun and climate. The materials used in its building are equally authentic: stone, from which fresh springs flow, glass as clear as air and warm materials such as wood. The secluded location of the place and the link with nature thus merge into perfect harmony, where silence is the new luxury. A hideaway for the soul where you can rediscover your perception of time, your well-being and your inner balance. A journey of the senses, where you can indulge in the therapeutic treatments of the luxurious SPA, inspired by the wisdom of the Celts and the natural foods, finely selected and prepared by the expert hands of chef Roland Lamprecht, fruit of the forests and native crops.

Aiming to offer its customers an exclusive and fully personalized experience, PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions chooses today to sign a new partnership agreement with Hideaway FORESTIS  for the whole 2022/2023. The partnership between PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions and FORESTIS brings together two brands with international ambitions, which today will see them unite in a synergy aimed at offering their customers unique and unforgettable moments of life, reserving them flights aboard a private jet in total comfort and safety, unforgettable accommodation in a secluded location immersed in the woods above the Plose, SPA treatments whose philosophy and great mastery project them into dreamlike dimensions, and activities for the well-being of mind and body, in environments that blend perfectly with the surrounding nature.

On the occasion of this collaboration, PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions confirms its intention to pursue a long path whose strategy is aimed at becoming the official air charter partner of the best luxury hotels in the world.

Alessio Altamura – Country Manager of PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions – declares: “As part of a broader project, which is integrated in a corporate strategy that aims to affirm PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions’ passion for luxury and excellence and its being, to all intents and purposes, a company with an international vocation, we are proud to begin this new partnership with Hideaway FORESTIS. Our brands are similar and share the same vision and the same impulse to offer quality experiences to celebrate a globally recognized predilection: the love for oneself and one’s psychophysical well-being. With this new partnership PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions and FORESTIS will begin a long project of experiential moments at the highest level in the luxury market. Being present with our support at the FORESTIS Hideaway, offering unique and exclusive flight experiences, allows us to tell a wide audience about our company and its commitment to support the economic and social growth of the Italian territory“.


Founded in Milan in 2018, and part of the corporate group PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions GmbH based in Cologne, and Skylink Holding Germany based in Frankfurt, PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions Srl enjoys undisputed strengths, represented by the excellent professionalism of the team it employs and its in-depth knowledge of the aviation industry. It offers air charter services at a global level, obtaining the best price through a selected network of international airlines, meeting every request by searching on the market the best aircraft available for all types of flights. With a modernly designed structure, and a strong focus on people and corporate organization as assets and core values of the business, PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions employs professionals with previous experience in companies with more than 120 years of history in the aviation industry, and specializes in chartering commercial jets, private jets and helicopters. It has a team of brokers and experts in the field who combine passion and professionalism, guaranteeing an efficient, high-quality service, always available 24/7. Empathy, mutual respect, full transparency and trust are some of the values that the company proudly promotes since its inception. PAS – Professional Aviation Solutions aims to become in the next 10 years the main reference point as a provider of air charter on an international scale, offering an excellent combination of technology, expertise, social and environmental responsibility.


Surrounded by dense forests and the South Tyrolean mountains above Bressanone, FORESTIS is located at 1,800 m above sea level and offers an enchanting panoramic view of the peaks of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Founded in 2020, the extraordinary Hideaway FORESTIS has a long tradition. It was the prodigious natural features of this unique area that prompted the Habsburg monarchy to build a pulmonary sanatorium in this energetic location. After a long search for the perfect place to build a sanatorium to treat lung diseases, it was decided to build a sanatorium on the Plose and commissioned architect Otto Wagner to design and build it. The pure spring water, excellent mountain air, mild climate, saline atmosphere and above-average sunny days provided ideal conditions for treatment and regeneration. After several years of disuse, the South Tyrolean hotelier Alois Hinteregger discovered this building hidden in the lush vegetation in 2007. Thanks to his love for the place, which is considered one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world and is often referred to as the “gateway to heaven”, in 2009 Alois, together with his son Stefan and daughter-in-law Teresa, breathed new life into the historic building and opened a hotel. The hotel was then redesigned with the new, current look in 2020, the year FORESTIS was born. Located on the southern slope of the Plose, this refuge perfectly embodies, in its philosophy and architecture, the four natural elements inherent in this place. The unparalleled purity of the Plose spring water, the freshness of the mountain air, the many sunny days and the temperate climate, where warm Mediterranean winds mix with cold northern currents, all have a positive effect on health and increase the well-being of guests. The architecture of FORESTIS is also inspired by the natural elements that led to the construction of the pulmonary sanatorium in the past: water, air, sun and an excellent climate. The four original elements that determined the choice of this location are reflected throughout the philosophy and architecture of the hotel, which takes on a renewed and unprecedented depth. In this introspective place full of energy, an extraordinary cosy refuge is created, which lives in nature and with nature and emphasizes the values of time, authenticity and simplicity.

Communication & Business Development Manager
Sara Chiarelli

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