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Private jet instead of vacation plane: These are the advantages

If you travel by private jet instead of a vacation plane, you avoid the currently long waiting times in front of the baggage counter and the security check. That’s because the airlines that pilot rented jets use separate terminals where you don’t have to check in until shortly before departure. We explain why a private charter flight can also be advantageous during the vacation season.

European air traffic is running at full speed again this summer. However, with fewer staff. Because major airlines, airports and other service providers cut jobs during the Corona period, they are overwhelmed with the many travelers. The consequences: Cancelled flights, hours of waiting and chaos with luggage. This can be very stressful, especially for families with small children, but also for travel groups with a fixed itinerary. You can avoid all this stress by booking a private jet or group charter.

The advantages of a private jet and group charter at a glance:

  1. Hardly any waiting time, because other terminal

Even if you have booked an upgrade to business class on your vacation plane: You can’t avoid the long waits in front of security checkpoints. On a private flight, you can. Upon arrival at the airport, head straight to the private jet terminal. There, the crew of your flight will welcome you. You check in, drop off your luggage, pass through an exclusive security gate and can board immediately. It is sufficient to be at the airport 30 minutes before departure. If there is a short wait, there is a lounge nearby where you can eat, drink and relax.

  1. No flight cancellation: the charter is reserved for you

Once you’ve chartered an aircraft, it’s reserved in your name for the time and route you want. Flight cancellations are almost non-existent. This is because the private jet industry, unlike the major airlines, has not had to lay off any personnel. On the contrary, private flying was the safest solution during the Corona lockdowns.

  1. Further protection from Corona

Even now in the summer, while Corona is still circulating, private flying protects against contagious diseases. You avoid crowds, keep sufficient distance and sit on the plane only with people you know. This significantly minimizes the risk of infection.

  1. Departure time is freely selectable

In contrast to conventional charter planes, you can determine the departure time of a rented plane yourself, depending on the available slot. It is best to specify your departure time at the time of booking so that the airline can plan and register your tour. Flight delays are extremely rare.

  1. More destinations: Take-off and landing at small airports

Whether you fly from Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Munich or Berlin to your destination is up to you. If you don’t live near a major airport, you can also use smaller, regional airports. This is because private jets also take off from shorter runways. This means that you can equally fly to a wider range of destinations, in Europe and around the world.

  1. Turboprop or Heavy Jet: You decide the aircraft type
Do you want to stretch your legs? Take a golf bag with you? Or travel in a small group of ten? You’re unlikely to have such conversations with the big airline. But you will with us. Depending on the number of passengers, the desired seating comfort and the luggage to be carried, we will introduce you to various aircraft that are suitable for your flight. These can be Very Light Jets, Midsize Jets, Heavy Jets, Turbo Props or other aircraft. Of course, you can also suggest a type of aircraft yourself if you are already informed or have flown with us many times before.
  1. Pets are allowed on board
If you are flying on vacation, your dog or cat is welcome to come along. Your pet does not have to hide in a cage in the cargo area, but can lie on a blanket in the cabin. There it is with familiar people and enjoys more comfort, just like you. If desired, it will be provided with food and drinking water by the crew.
  1. Catering according to your own wishes
While the catering is often sparse in the large vacation plane, you can drink and eat what you like in the private plane. Whether it’s sushi or a club sandwich, sparkling wine, beer or just a Coke: let us know in advance what kind of catering you would like on your flight.
  1. Contact person around the clock
After booking, you will be put in direct contact with the airline or your crew. In addition, we will continue to be your contact person. Our flight experts can be reached around the clock, every day of the week, at +49 2204 706060. We check the positioning of the aircraft on the radar, are in contact with the crew and the flight readiness of your airline and coordinate the smooth operation in the background.
  1. It is cheaper in a group
Certainly, a private flight is more expensive than a scheduled flight or vacation plane. However, the airfare can still pay off. For example, if you fly in a group and can share the costs. Or you have to rely on additional cab rides and hotel nights due to flight delays. These costs and time expenditures do not apply to private flights. Can you be flexible with your departure times? Then empty flights may be an option for you. These are empty flights or planes that are on their way back home. The planes were previously used for a one-way flight. These routes, known as Empty Leg Flights in pilot lingo, are particularly attractive in terms of price. Contact us!




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