Chartering aircraft – how does it work?

A broker explains: How to rent a private jet with PAS.


“To book a flight on a private jet, a call to the broker is all you need. He or she will find the right aircraft for the route and ensure that you reach your destination quickly and comfortably.” Dirk Klüfer shared with us: “The Charter Sales Manager makes many things possible for his customers – even short-term private and business trips”. In this interview, he tells us what’s important when renting private jets.

Dirk, you charter private jets for customers every day. What is the process like?


“Most customers call or write an e-mail mentioning the day, time and route, so I can start the detailed planning. I then see which aircraft is best suited for the route. Of course, the number of people and the luggage also play a role, as well as the service. For my customers, I don’t just look for the cheapest product, but the best. In other words, an airline that reacts flexibly to time changes, for example, and guarantees comfortable accompaniment during the trip.


How much advance planning and booking does a private jet trip require?


“The crew needs 90 minutes to be activated. This includes the pilot, co-pilot and, on larger private jets, a steward(ess) as well as the service personnel on the ground. Private jets can take off from all airports in Germany. At night, however, only in Cologne, Hannover and Nuremberg, because all the other airports in Germany are closed by then.”


What information do you need from the customer before booking a flight?


“First of all we need the place of departure, destination and estimated time. We also need a passport copy of the passenger(s). After all of that is settled, it is good to know if the passenger(s) has any allergies and/or intolerances or catering’s special requests. If very heavy or large luggage is to be transported, we also need the information beforehand – not every plane, for example, can carry skis.”

Privatjet über den Wolken und Alpen
Why a private jet / what are the advantages compared to a scheduled flight?   “Time saving and privacy are the main reasons why someone flies private. In addition, you can fly more decentralized and/or to smaller airports closer to the companies you want to visit. In Germany, the private jet is still associated with luxury and wealth, yet for many it has become a work tool. We also have customers who fly for summer vacations so if you want to take your dog with you, you can put it in the passenger cabin, there is room for a dog blanket there.”   What types of aircraft are booked most often and why?   “Light, very light and super light jets, because many people like the price-performance ratio, it’s a bit like taking a cab. Nevertheless, there are also customers who want a special machine like the Super Mid-Size Jet, which can carry up to ten people.”     What safety guarantees do you give?   “All aircraft flying in Europe are certified and approved. We have all the certificates shown to us beforehand. We also ask the airlines how many hours the pilots have flown a particular type of aircraft. This is the only way we can create trust and transparency. The customers themselves are insured through the airline and conclude a business-management contract with us.”



How does private jet boarding work?   “Almost every airport has a private jet terminal to which the customers drive up. The crew receives the guests there, takes them through the security check and to the aircraft. After landing, the crew also takes the guests back to the terminal. In advance, each customer receives a briefing from us, which states exactly where and when the flight will depart. If you are there 20 to 30 minutes before departure, that’s quite enough.”   What happens to the private jet during the stay?   “On business flights, where you fly there in the morning and back in the evening, the crew waits for you. If you then want to return earlier or later, that’s no problem. If the return trip is still open, you can also book only an outbound flight for the time being. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch an empty flight for the return, which can be very attractive in terms of price.”   What offers are there for frequent flyers?   “One is the Liberty Card, which works like a prepaid card, and you simply fly off budget. The advantage is that the customer does not have to pay any contracts or bills before the flight also simplifies and speeds up the booking process. If you know that you always want to fly in one aircraft category, you can get a Jet Card. For the chosen category, one buys flight hours in advance, which can then be redeemed at any time. If you have one of our cards, you can always fly within 48 hours, even in high season.”

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