How do I organize a group trip?

A Charter for a group’s tour: How to organize it


Whether it’s a major event, incentive or fam trip, there are many reasons for booking flights for a group trip, however, often corresponding flights are missing, or the scheduled flight times do not fit the program.  In these cases, a group charter will be the best solution. You determine departure times and routes yourself and even decide which service awaits the passengers, always with our professionals supporting the planning.

Group tours are usually tightly timed, and for that reason, event and travel managers don’t want to waste time at the airport. “A private charter is much more practical and a great experience for the group”, says Michael Erlenbach, who as Charter Sales Manager at PAS, supervises group trips. “Whether you are travelling with the football club, a film crew or as a whole company, the charter flight is a comfortable, individual and flexible solution that will be always remembered”.

What should you know when planning a chartered group trip?

We have summarized the most important nine points for you:

1. Participants: How many passengers fly in the group charter?

Whether you charter an aircraft for 30 or 100 people, we will find the right aircraft for the group size. As a rule, the planning of group trips begins at least half a year prior. Since Corona, the preparation has shortened, as planning is more short-term. In order for us to be able to introduce you to different types of aircraft at an early stage, we need the (expected) number of passengers from you in the first step.

2. Route: Where should the group go?


If the participants arrive from different locations for a group charter, we offer you the booking of scheduled flights as a feeder flight. This would be the case, for example, if the group charter departs from Frankfurt am Main, with passengers from Berlin, Munich or Hamburg.


With the charter, your group can fly almost anywhere, even to airports that are not or only rarely served by the line. For smaller, regional airports, we check in advance whether the runway is sufficient for the selected aircraft type.

3. Times: When do you want to take off or land?


If you have more details about the group trip, please let us know the dates and flight time required. As soon as the departure time has been confirmed, the airline will proceed to schedule it firmly, arrange for the slots (the schedule in which the aircraft will be allowed to depart or land and the crew duty times also will need to be considered.

 4. Aircraft types: Which aircraft suits best?

For a group size of 150 to 200 people, we recommend a Boing 737-800 or an Airbus A320, since they have a very good price-performance ratio compared to the scheduled flights.  Both aircraft fly to various destinations within Europe on short and/or medium haul routes.


5. Branding: Should the aircraft bear your logo?


From your own event advertising at the airport to the branded aircraft equipment (e.g., logo and event slogan on paper cups, snack bags or headrest protectors), many extras may be arranged. You can even make your own on-board announcements in the charter or mark the aircraft from the outside with your brand logo.  We are happy to collect the prices from the airports and airlines for you and take care of all the details.


6. Luggage: Take as much as you need!


Compared to the scheduled flights, in the charter you can take as much luggage as the aircraft can carry. You are also welcomed to bring your pets on board and bulky luggage such as skis or golf clubs can be also loaded without any issues.





7. Catering: What does your group want to drink and eat?

Whether sushi or a three-course meal, beer or prosecco, you decide what catering you want to offer your group on board and the same applies to the welcoming of the passengers. If you wish, we can organize a welcome cocktail and/or a VIP reception for the passengers upon arrival.

8. Arrival and departure to the airport: Would you like a private transfer?

At some airports it’s possible to take the team bus to the apron so that the group can board the plane directly from there, we will obtain the approval for you. For travelers who are individually on their way to the airport, the trip should also be stress-free. We are happy to offer a door-to-door service, for example with a limousine, a small room or several vehicles. The drivers pick up the passengers from home and take them to their destination on arrival.

9. Costs: What budget are you planning for the group flights?


A group with PAS starts with eight plus people. At this point, the common private jets become too small. From 50 plus people, the cost of a charter is comparable to the one of scheduled flights, and on some routes, very close in terms of price. After knowing all the details of your group trip, we will be able to create an offer by explaining the individual cost items to you in a transparent and clear manner.

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